What makes Competitive Edge Mixed Martial Arts unique among other activities for kids in Highlands Ranch?

We will teach your child too…

  • Consistently tap into their maximum potential, and be their best.

How: ABC’s of Success (Attitude, Behavior, Character)

Make informed and split second decisions for Practical Self-Defense

How: We teach Krav Maga, and break it down into three areas.

  • The Buddy: how to handle conflict and peer pressure between friends
  • The Bully: how to handle verbal and physical attacks
  • The Bad Guy: Stranger safety and awareness.

Maintain a Healthy and Active life style.

How: We teach the importance of health and diet, as well as make fitness fun.

You can only learn so much about what a martial arts school has to offer by “reading” about it. Please contact us by using any of the methods in the top right side of our web page. Mention you found us on the internet and we will give your family 2 complementary sessions. This will give you a chance to come visit our school and see firsthand why families say why we provide the best MMA classes for children of all ages.

What makes Competitive Edge Mixed Martial Arts unique among other karate schools for kids in Highlands Ranch?

  1. The way we teach Character.
  2. We offer quarterly training sessions.
  3. Dynamic, Positive, and Innovative classes.
  4. Professional, Full Time, Instructors.
  5. Realistic martial art concepts.
  6. Freeze your memberships when you go vacation.
  7. We have progress reports with your family.
  8. Innovative belt progression steps that gets results.
  9. Instructors go through a certification process.
  10. Reinforce the values you teach your children.