Success Stories

Confidence & Goal Setting

Emma kids karate

Super Star

“Emma has been with Competitive Edge for about six months now. She started the program very timid and shy. In these past six months we’ve watched our daughter’s confidence, responsibility, maturity, and focus grow right before our eyes. Mr. K, Mr. Thomas and Mr. Eversman have worked with us parents to help Emma to set goals that she is held accountable for. This has helped her achieve greater focus and accomplishments in school, a consistently clean room, a totally clean bathroom, and now she is mastering the laundry. For a six year old we couldn’t be more proud and we are thankful we have mixed martial arts to help reinforce what we are teaching at home. Emma is no longer a shy, timid little girl. She is a confident, well mannered, self motivated and disciplined little lady! We recommend Competitive Edge to all our friends. You should try it too!”

-Jessica and Joel Bejot, Emma’s parents

“I want other kids to come because I think it is a lot of fun, challenging and its good exercise! Learning how to do the flying sidekick has been my favorite challenge to learn. The teachers make the class fun and we laugh a lot.”

-Emma Bejot, 6yrs Super Champion, Young Champions Class

We are all very proud of Emma and all that she has accomplished. This also couldn’t have been possible without the teamwork of her family. We teach in class that the most powerful team in the world is our family. It is important to work together and contribute equally. Families can overcome any adversity, accomplish any goals. Thank you guys for the opportunity to work with yours.

-Instructors of Competitive Edge MMA


Honesty & Resourcefulness

Competitive Edge MMA Success Stories

Conner & Max are brothers in our Youth MMA program as well as Leadership Students. As far as brothers are concerned, they really embody what “brotherhood” is about. They are kind and helpful to each other in class as we as to other students. They lead by example and have a healthy competitive nature towards each other. They are both eager to help out in class and except new challenges. I was not surprise when one day, they told me this story in class.

This is their Story…

Conner Speaking

It was a Wednesday afternoon and Max and I were riding home from school when we came across a wallet and phone. We were taking the normal route home from school knowing we had martial arts that night and a pile of homework. We were about halfway home and I noticed something shining on the ground. I told max to stop and that I had found something. It turns out I was looking at a cell phone that had lost its battery. As I scavenged around looking for the battery max said he had found a wallet. Eventually we found the battery and popped the battery in and started flipping through the contacts.

Max Speaking

I took the phone from Connor and handed him the wallet as I looked for something labeled “home”. We didn’t find it so we couldn’t think of anything else to try. Then I thought we could try and call all the contacts until we find who it belongs to. After calling about 4 people we finally got a hold of someone and he said he would call the owner of the phones wife. His wife called back and we met the wife at a nearby park and then returned the phone and wallet.

Way to go guys! You both have demonstrated honesty and resourcefulness. We are fortunate to have young men like these two brothers in class. I am excited to see what great things they will contribute to this world, what great things they will accomplish in life.

The Instructors of Competitive Edge