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How to Help Kids Develop Strong Work Habits

Developing Positive Work Habits

At Competitive Edge we are running a home practice exercise this month to help our students form the habit of self-discipline. We believe that if children learn at a young age to take responsibility for their actions and their results they will be better equipped as adults to create an abundant life.

Let me encourage you to do this exercise for the entire month. Help your children form the habit of daily focused consistent work. To help you here are a few tips.

A Burning Desire Matters

The worksheet allows the child to decide which technique they want to practice. It is important they pick the skill because it creates passion. Without a sincere burning desire nothing of quality can be done.

Put the Important Work On Schedule

The worksheet has the child decide on a schedule of when to practice. We want to teach children to focus on their goals. As adults you understand how easy it is to be distracted by the urgent. If children learn to put important work on the schedule and stay on that schedule they will develop focus.

How You Feel Shouldn’t Stop You

The child is to score his motivation from 1 (no motivation) to 5 (totally fired up). If they complete this practice exercise for 30 days they will not always feel like practicing. Those are the most important days to practice. If they improve their martial arts ability when they don’t feel like it they are forming very strong habits.


If you didn’t get your work sheet go to student section, worksheets, power freedom back pdf.


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